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Locks is a Process, Lifestyle & Journey ….It brings * Freedom * Expression * Culture

The Consultation

During this session we will discuss your personal hair care history, your styling preferences and your lifestyle to determine if Sisterlocks are right for you. You will also have "Test Locks" put in your hair with different patterns to determine which pattern & size best suits your texture and density of your hair.

Locking Sessions

Bring a good book! Locking sessions can take from 10 to 18 hours sometimes longer depending on the size of lock and density of hair. The average client leaves with about 400+ locks and a new attitude!! You will receive a starter kit that consists of Starter Shampoo, Birth Certificate of Locks, Tip Sheets for Maintenance & Rubber bands.


You will schedule your follow up appointment after at least two shampoos, which is usually within a month from the time you first get your lock installation. At this time we will monitor the integrity of locks, tighten them up and give a general idea on how long locks will take to settle in. We will also discuss styling options.

Follow-Up Visits

It is recommended to schedule follow-up appointments at four to six-week intervals. This way the progress of your locks can be monitored. As your locks mature we can determine how often retightening is needed.

Please visit Sisterlocks.com for further research.

Prices & Services

**-Consultation is required for this service.

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